The three greatest words, one simple letter...

Their dorm rooms were across the quad from one another and one night my dad traced the letter Y on his window as my mom looked across from hers. The message? I Love You. The three greatest words, written with one simple letter.

Line #1 is the 'I' - line #2 is the 'L' of love - they come together to create the 'Y' of you.

The message of this single letter has been passed on to our family, our friends, and it's been on my heart to send this simple message of 'I Love You' further into the let you in on the most special of secrets.

The Lettery - the letter-y.

This business is named after it and I can't wait to have products that reflect it.

All because of them

John & Kim to the public - Kim & Diz to friends - Mr. & Mrs. D to their students - Uncle Dizzer & Auntie Kimmy to family - Papa & Dodo to their grandbabies.

A source of love, laughter, learning, acceptance, encouragement, and camaraderie for so many.

To me, they're Mama & constant, my compass, my safety net. I am forever grateful for lessons they taught, the love they never withheld, and the paths they've allowed my life to take.