Based on the importance of connection and the power of words.

I'm here to help give a voice to the words in your heart, curate messages and experiences filled with intention, and provide purposeful items that allow you to connect with the ones you love most.

~ Felt by you, written by me ~

Get back to you ~ give back to them.

A mom retreat that is a time of reconnection to yourself, of transformation in the way you prioritize your well-being, and of empowerment as you recharge your tired spirit and reclaim your sense of self.

Art that speaks to your core values.

A public declaration outlining the beliefs, goals, intentions, and values of a person, group, or organization that serves as a clear and often bold expression of who you are at the core.

Vows as unique as your love story.

I'll help you take the feelings of your heart and turn them into beautiful promises to last a lifetime.

Cards that are meant to be kept.

Thoughtfully curated single-sided, luxury cards for when you can't quite find the words.


I'm Shae.

Deep feeler, emotional thinker, heart-centered listener...wife, mama, daughter.

I find extreme joy in viewing life through a lens of complete empathy, in connecting to others, and in being able to provide the words you may not be able to find on your own.

The Lettery Studio is rooted in love, the importance of connection, the power of words, and the desire to serve others in the ways I can.

Thank you for walking this journey with me!

A bit more of my story