Words have the power to change lives.

We're here to help give a voice to the words in your heart, curate messages filled with intention, and provide beautiful and purposeful items that allow you to connect with the ones you love most.

Felt by you, written by us.

Your heart knows what it feels but when you're not able to find the words, we bring them to life.

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Thank You

Thank You

Thank You Cards 

Our cards have been created with extreme care and intention - every detail has been poured over. They're not simply an obligatory note you send.

These cards are meant to be kept, even framed.

They allow the sender to express the things deep in their hearts that they may not be able to put into words – and they allow the receiver to feel fully and completely seen.

They are single-sided, luxury cards that eliminate the dread of wondering what to say, and leave just enough room on the back for a short personal note.

We want to hear your story and learn what makes your relationship yours...what makes you catch your breath and heart skip a beat. We want to bring life to the love written within your heart.

These are the words of a moment, that'll last a lifetime.

We'll help you say the things you feel the deepest, in your own words, without the stress and anxiety of having to write them youself.

The definiton of a manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer while affirmations are short and meaningful statements meant to be written down and said out loud often.

Through intentional words comes power.

There are so many times in our lives we walk through transitions and even more opportunities for us to get lost along theway. By clarifying what’s most important, setting expectations, and aligning goals your manifesto becomes a beautiful tool to help ground and guide your family. 

You're not just gaining an impact piece for your home, you're sending a ripple effect of purpose and intention into the rest of your life.


We're Shae & Jami.

Mamas to 4 littles, friends for as long as we can remember, completely the same and 100% different.

We find joy in creating, in connecting, and in being a little silly.

We really are so dang excited to get to know you.

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