You deserve wedding vows as unique as your love story

You're in the heart of planning the most important day of your life. The flowers, the cake, the photos...everything that will make your day unbelievable beautiful, memorable, and so much fun.

But what about the vows that will take the importance of the day and carry it into your marriage?

Close your eyes - picture standing across from your person and sharing the most intentional, intimate and meaningful words you've ever spoken...feel in your heart how special that moment could be if, instead of reciting something millions of other people have recited, the person you love most in the world hears your words...the ones held in the deepest parts of your heart.

The greatest love letter you'll write.

Keep reading for more info about what you can look forward to...


An easy conversation

After I send you a list of important questions to think about, we'll chat via Zoom so I can get to know you, hear your love story, and determine what you want your vows to feel like.

Get ready for a really easy and fun conversation - coffee, champagne, sweats, full-glam...the choice is yours!

Step 2

Your promises drafted

Using Google Docs, I'll draft your vows based on the answers to your questions, everything I learned about you during our conversation, and your overall feeling as a couple.

When that draft is complete, I'll share it with you, and we'll go back and forth as many times until your vows say exactly what you want them to say.

Step 3

A beautiful exchange

After you approve the final version, your vows will be engraved onto a beautiful 8x10 piece of frosted acrylic - I call it a Vow Board.

These vow boards not only allow you to easily hold them without having to flip pages, they also leave your other hand free to actually hold your partner's as you exchange these incredible promises.

Bonus - they can so easily be popped into a frame to serve as a keepsake and reminder of that day.

More questions? Want to see if we're a good fit? Drop it all in the coment box below and I'll get back to you shortly!