An all-inclusive retreat that cuts the guilt of doing something for yourself by providing invaluable knowledge and tangible tools to take back to your family.

You're a mom who's lost some big pieces of yourself and may be feeling alone, overwhelmed, and upset.

You need time to get back to you, but it has to be in a way that allows you to better serve them in order to be worth it.

Here you'll experience the laughter and much needed connection of a girl's trip, the relaxation and decompression of a solo trip, and the tangible takeaways of a self-improvement conference.

A glance at our time...

Settle In


You'll pull into the beautiful Grand View Lodge resort and make your way to our Cottage. After you unpack and freshen up, we'll gather in the main room to meet the other amazing mamas joining us.

Grand View has some of the area's best restaurants and we'll enjoy dinner together on-site. After our bellies are full, we'll head back to the cottage for a cleansing sound bath allowing us space to really drop in and be present for everything ahead.

Once our hearts are ready, we'll have our first focused discussion centered around self-care and what we can do to set an attainable routine for you.

Recharge + Reclaim


You might look at this day and say to yourself, "Woah, that's a lot." I get it, it looks like a lot, but I promise at the end of the day you're only going to be saying, "Woah, that was incredible!"

A beautiful mindfulness session, a truly unique and transformative workshop giving you a deeper understanding of the person you and how to bring that energy back into your family, our second focused discussion covering the mental load and how we can clarify our lives, minds and spaces, an activity that you are NOT going to want to miss, a happy hour like you've never experienced, and our final discussion on partnership and some ways we can strengthen our own.



Maybe you came to this retreat overwhelmed, frustrated, lost, lonely, and unsure of who you were. Today you'll wake up reconnected to yourself in a way you may not have expected and might feel a sadness that your time is coming to a close.

So, we're going to have a little fun! We'll reach to our inner child and start our morning at the pool, allowing the cool water to symbolize a sort of rebirth...letting go of what was before you came here, and moving forward as you are now.

We'll do a final reflection before you head back to your beautiful families...renewed, recharged, refreshed, and ready to move through your days utilizing the tools you've gained.

Need to know a little more? Let's chat!