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Our story begins all the way back at elementary school in a tiny town called Bird Island. The mountains of memories, amount of laughter, and shared love of glitter could fill an ocean. There were silly giggles in junior high, countless carefree days of high school, visiting each other at college, all the ups and downs of our 20’s, and now here we are in our 30’s walking hand-in-hand down this fantastic path called parenthood with four sweet babes all under the age of 4.

We’re convinced Noah & Lola are going to get married someday while Briggs and Cohen are sure to be best buds (if we have anything to do with it!). Our four tiny humans bring so much joy, chaos, love, and exhaustion but they’re also the fuel behind The Lettery Studio. We want to raise these crazy kiddos up in homes where the words they hear are filled with intent and purpose, so we thought, what better way to do that than to immerse ourselves in helping others do the same?

Our lives have been lived as fristers (friends who are more like sisters) and for as long as we both can remember we’ve wanted to do something together that filled our hearts and sparked our souls. We’ve been in each other’s lives and hearts for forever and are so dang excited to be able to bring you The Lettery Studio - together.