I've always been quite middle-of-the-road...pretty good at a lot of things, really good at none. When asked about my strengths, it's just been, "people." I've struggled to find my role in this life because there are so many different and amazing paths to travel down! Also, "people" isn't really a career choice.

In looking back, my years have been full of lessons of kindness, of empathy, and of viewing the world with an open lens. Combined with countless hours of one amazing professor pushing me to write with MY voice, while simultaneously being gentle with other's hearts, I've grown a talent (and passion) for putting feelings to words.

Through The Lettery Studio I've been able to give people the ability to say what they're feeling during the highest highs and the lowest lows...it truly is an incredible honor...

Oh, and these 3 guys? They are my greatest joy.