Wedding vow examples to steal?!?

Wedding vow examples to steal?!?

When we came across this headline, our hearts sank. Every individual has a past, present, and future so when they come together in a partnership, those stories intertwine and form an incredible bond. 

That bond is unlike anyone else's, so to simply cut and paste your doesn't do justice to the marriage you are starting. 

custom vow writing

We get it. It's easy to find some beautiful sentiments on the internet and piece them together to resemble wedding vows–butclose your eyes for a sec and imagine standing across from the person you love the most, declaring that love and your commitment to them, using a bunch of things other people already said.  

Cringe, right?

custom vow writing

Now imagine standing at the altar, holding their hand, speaking of that same love and commitment...but this time, using the words written on your heart. You gaze at your person and know with complete confidence that in this moment they will hear everything you want them to hear, in exactly the way you want them to hear it. 

These vows will be completely you and form an unbreakable foundation for a lifelong marriage. You'll display them in your home and refer back to them often knowing that this love is yours, and yours alone...not something you simply copy and pasted from the internet. 

Helping couples write the words in their own hearts – that is our specialty.

Custom vow writing


You deserve wedding vows as unique as your love story.
Don't settle for anyone else's.




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