Top 5 Struggles When Writing Wedding Vows

Top 5 Struggles When Writing Wedding Vows

Odds are you haven't written wedding vows before. You've probably attended a few weddings, so you have an idea of what they are and what they're supposed to say, but that may be where it ends. 

We've noticed some consistencies in the areas people struggle when attempting to write their own vows... 


  • The vows are too long.
      • Generally, vows should be between 45 seconds to 2 minutes when read aloud. Whether that seems like an eternity, or like you'll never be able to compress all you have to say in that short amount of time, you really should try to stay within those parameters. 

        • Keep reading to find out why…

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  • You try to tell the whole story of your relationship.
      • This is a big one. SO many couples forget that their vows aren’t for their guests, they’re for each other. When you want to note the silly thing that happened on your first date, you don’t need to say, “On our first date when you were wearing those crazy pants you’d just been golfing in and we met at the Clubhouse after you’d finished playing 18 holes with your brother and his best friend who was in town for their cousin’s wedding, and I made a funny comment and you didn’t get it so then I felt weird but you thought I was cute so asked the bartender to give me your number...” Your partner was there. 

        • Avoid going into too much detail on personal stories or inside jokes - again, your partner was there, and your guests don't need an explanation. There are also lots of other opportunities on your wedding day to tell stories like this; write your vows for your partner, not your guests.

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  • No actual promises are made.
      • Vows, by their very definition, are promises two people make to one another on their wedding day. We can’t begin to tell you how many times couples' vows are filled with love and beautiful sentiments, but they don’t actually promise anything to each other. 

        • Draft your vows with the promises you want to make, first. They are the most important parts of the vows; you can fill in the rest around them.


  • The vows are unevenly balanced.
      • The number one thing we hear as to why people want to work with us is because one person “just knows” that their partner is going to write these beautiful and eloquent vows that clearly profess their love and commitment…while theirs are going to be short and choppy and make them feel inadequate. This is a real fear that's totally avoidable if you work with a vow writer. We make sure that both partners' vows compare in length, tone, and content.

        • By working with us, we can ensure you’ll have evenly weighted vows that are completely your own, and pair well with your partner's vows in terms of flow, sentiment, and tone.

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  • You waited until the last minute to write your vows.
      • Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life. You look amazing, all your favorite people are there, and you're starting the journey of a lifetime with your soul’s match right by your side. You’ve spent so much time planning, but if you’ve avoided writing and reciting your vows, none of it will feel as good. Those vows are the most intimate and intentional words you’ll probably ever speak to your partner, certainly in front of other people! By waiting until the last minute and Googling your way through them, you’ll likely walk into that monumental moment feeling uncomfortable and insecure.

        • Give yourself time to prepare so you don't feel rushed and self-conscious when reading/reciting your vows. Don’t piece them together using other people's words. Let us help guide you as you walk into your moment, feeling cool, confident, and completely full of love.

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    Don't let these 5 common mistakes be your demise on a day that's meant to be magic. Click here to let us help because you deserve wedding vows as unique as your love story.



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