The stress free way to perfect wedding vows

The stress free way to perfect wedding vows

What is it like to work with professional vow writers?

First off, we want to be super clear that this experience is for you. We're here to help and guide you along the journey and have a ton of fun doing so, but these are your vows, and we want to make sure they say exactly what you want your partner to hear.

Think of us as a friend you just haven't chatted with in a bit.

The absolute best part of this experience for us, is getting to chat with you and learn as much as we can about you and your relationship. We love weddings, we love marriages, we love love! Our conversations are so much fun because they are fully tailored to you.

this manifested life vow writing

Do you want to grab a glass of wine and curl up in your coziest jammies or do you feel best behind a desk with a cup of tea?

Whatever you do to make yourself most comfortable, we're here for it! After our call we'll get to work on our creative process which looks a bit like a combination of the two scenarios above. We snuggle up in our comfiest pj's, brew some tea, settle in with our notebooks and play back the recording. We love this part because while the "in-person" call is fun, silly, easy and we get to connect in such a unique way, when we get to really sit with and open our hearts to your words, there is a true magic that happens. 

The love we hear through your words and in your voice...swoon.

We'll shoot over a PDF when we've got a first draft put together. This is the point when you get to spend some time with your vows and see how they feel. This experience is about you and what you want to tell the love of your life. We accept any and all edits and welcome any alterations you may want - most couples usually need 2 or 3.

this manifested life vow writing

What we want most is for your heart to recognize everything it feels in the words we write. 

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