Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Cards

With Mother's Day right around the corner, we challenge you to think about it beyond just calling your mom and maybe sending her flowers.

Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate all the moms in your life...a friend who's wrangling toddlers alongside you, a sister who wants so badly to be a mama but can't, or a neighbor who is mourning the loss of her child.

When we widen the scope of who Mother's Day is about, it opens up a huge opportunity for us to connect and support each other wherever we're at.

This day can be really joyful for some, but for others, it can be a glaring reminder that their journey of motherhood doesn't at all look the way they'd hoped it would.

It absolutely can be uncomfortable to acknowledge these not-so-picture-perfect realities, but those mamas might find the silence around it even more painful. In life, it's so important to let people know we haven't forgotten the people most special to the ones most special to us.

This year, celebrate the ones who are snuggling their new babies and the ones who are juggling soccer, dance, and hockey schedules. And also acknowledge the mamas who dig deep every single day to find strength through their pain. 

Our Mother's Day card line includes 27 different cards. Each one is written with a specific mama in mind, and are the perfect words to offer comfort, support, or just to let her know you see her.

We believe connection is so important, but so often, being unsure of what to say stops us from saying anything at all. These cards solve that problem. Everything she needs to hear is already written on the front so all you need to do is write a short personal message (or simply sign your name) on the back.

Bonus: this 5x7" card is meant to be framed so it doubles as a thoughtful gift!


Send the card. Let her know you're there.

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