Father's Day Cards

Father's Day Cards

Father's Day will be here in no time and this year we challenge you to let him know how deeply he's impacted your life.

Father son dancing 

We all admire our dads and say, "I love you" often, but when is the last time you actually shared with him that so many of your good qualities come from him? When is the last time you told another dad, who might be struggling, that you see him? When is the last time you let your heart really do the talking?

Dads are some of the most amazing and unique people but often get lumped together under the simple title of "Dad."  When we take time to widen the scope of what that word means and who it includes, we realize there's a huge opportunity for us to recognize and support all different kinds of dads.

Dad with his boys

As you walk down a card aisle, think of the cards you saw for Mother's Day. Odds are, they were soft colors and full of emotional sentiments letting your mom know just how much she means to you. Now think of the cards you see for Father's Day...brightly colored, funny, kitschy cards that focus on their goofy traits. 

Dad being goofy with daughter

Those cards have their place of course, but what if, this year, you let them know that you recognize their strengths, appreciate all the lessons they've given, and love them for trusting and believing in you. What if this year, you let the words on the card and the message behind them, speak to their value as a person and the immense role they have in your life?

Want to tell your husband that being a dad is the role he was meant for? Do you know a dad of a sick kiddo who could use some support? Is there a dad in your life who is missing his own father this year?  

Skip the overwhelming card aisle. Each of our Father's Day cards is written with a specific dad in mind to give you the perfect words that offer comfort and support, or let him know you wouldn't be the same without him.

Father's Day card

We believe that connection is so important, but so often, being unsure of what to say stops us from saying anything at all. These cards solve that problem. Everything he needs to hear is already written on the front so all you need to do is write a short personal message (or simply sign your name) on the back.

This year, give him a card he'll want to keep.

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