Keesake Club Membership

You might be thinking...ok why do I need to belong to another club?

Each month you'll receive 3 Keepsake Cards. They aren't intended to be given for birthdays, anniversaries, or other life events – because, we've got plenty of those on our website!

Our Keepsake Club cards are meant for the in-between moments...the just-because moments. They are meant to be be more than a simple card, but a gift to be read over and over.

You'll be able to see and feel the ripple effect sending these bits of unexpected joy will have, not only in someone else's life, but in your own. We challenge you to notice the change in perspective that can take place as you get into the routine of sending these cards.

Life is made up of moments...big ones, small ones, and some that simply float by...but acknowledging those moments will deepen our connection with one another.

  • Monthly Card Membership

    3 exclusive cards that allow you to effortlessly connect with the people in your life.

    Let's do it!